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Cesarean Sections: BFD!

So my C-section was a breeze! I mean, it was only major surgery where the doctors went inside of my stomach to remove my 10 pound 6 ounce son. #BFD, right? Well, it was and what I was expecting (which was a recovery that would feel close to death) were drastically different.

So I scheduled my c-section. I was excited to pick the date because I was nervous of having my baby on his actual due date (July 27th). I was hoping he would've been late anyway, but now I got to almost guarantee it. Of course, there was a chance of him coming before my scheduled c-section, but that's a risk you take with every birth. Babies very rarely actually come on their due date. So I had two days to prepare. But now I had no idea how to prepare. Of course, I went to pinterest, but first, I had to make peace with my c-section.

What helped me stop crying when they told me I had to have a c-section, was actually, Instagram. Somehow, I stumbled upon the hashtag, #Bellybirth.

Imagine telling a pregnant mother that she was going to be a failure at being a mother. She would not be able to do what is necessary for her child. Unfortunately, that's what it felt like when I was told I would not be able to deliver my own child. I felt less than. I felt like my baby's birth would matter less because I was not able to deliver vaginally. But here are some pictures that made me feel better.

So my experience. Let me first say that my situation was a bit more uncommon, especially since there was an emergency C-section that occurred before me. When we checked in, it was for an 11:30 am appointment so we arrived at 8:30 am. My husband and I were excited, but nervous. My mom came with us as well.

When I was in the exam room, I had to strip from the waist down, I think. I know that my nurses, Sandy and Pam were amazing. They did have to shave me a little bit because you cannot have a low fade, you have to be bare. 😬And then we waited. And waited and waited and waited. I got my IV, I was hooked up to machines, but until about 4:00 pm STARVING because you cannot eat for 12 hours before your appointment so my last meal was at a Mexican restaurant we went to that night at like 8:00. That was the third worst thing of the whole surgery.

Once it was finally go time, I had to go into the OR by myself at first. That was the WORST. I'm in this room with all these nurses, basically naked, and now without my husband. So like when I am at the dentist and can't help it, tears started flowing even though I was still totally coherent. I had to have the dreaded epidural because, ya know, major surgery and all, requires it. It was just that we were getting so close to having a baby and my husband was not there. I don't even remember what they had him do, but I had to have this needle in my back by myself. I had to get hooked up to oxygen by myself. And I had to lay uncomfortably by myself. But then he came in maybe 15 minutes later, so I was really just nervous and scared (and okay, maybe a little dramatic).

The actual belly birth: IT WAS SO WEIRD. They warn you that you will feel a lot of pressure, but OMG it feels like they are trying to suffocate you. That was the second worst part. None of their warnings actually prepare you for what they really mean because it was not something I could have truly imagined. Imagine someone--and by someone, I mean the entire surgical team-- trying to suffocate you by pushing down on your chest, but you can still breathe perfectly fine. Then, BOOM. there is a baby on your chest lol. I think. I did want them to wipe off the vernix, the white coating on the baby, but they cleaned him off, weighed him, and plopped him on my chest all wrapped up while they closed me up.

We will get to the recovery soon. In the mean time, here is a video of what actually happens in a c-section (using fabric) and a lovely Apple memory video curated for me that I want to share.

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