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DIY Accent Wall for $20 or LESS!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

So we are in the process of remodeling our hall half bath and I really wanted to do an accent wall. I’ve seen all sorts of geometric patterns and I thought that it could really help make the small space seem just a little bit larger. So we tried. Now, we had about 6 cans of paint remnants from when we moved in and had to repaint every room. Literally, every single room (except one) needed repainting which my father in law knocked out in about 2 days since I was 36 weeks pregnant when I moved and my husband was deployed. Talk about a busy week!

Anyway, from then until now, we acquired at least 6 different paints, some that I wanted to use on our accent wall. But you don’t have to use that many. To stay on budget, you would need to use approximately four colors. Lowe’s or Home Depot will color the samples to whatever you choose for you.

What you will need for your beautiful accent wall:

  1. Paint brush

  2. Painters tape

  3. Paint samples ($3.98 each)

That’s it! Each paint sample is only $3.98, so if you already have the painters tape and brush, you can get 5 samples for less than $20! Otherwise, you’re looking at an additional $5 for the supplies (which you can always reuse).

To start, prime and/or paint your walls if it is not your desired stripe color already. Ours were primed (by my wonderful brother in law) and I taped the walls too soon so when my husband painted, we didn’t get to paint the accent wall. But it didn’t matter in the end.

There was no rhyme or reason to my tape application. My only goal was to have both large and small geometric shapes that looked as random as possible. I did not want it to look uniform or all going in one direction or the same size. The more random the better!

Then I just started with one color and started painting! Later into the project my husband suggested I paint the lighter colors first just in case any paint reside remained after he rinsed them.

I forgot to take a picture once all the colors were added, but before the tape was removed. However, here is the final product!

I must admit, I didn’t think I could love or admire a wall this much. My mother even approved (and she makes fun of my love of color)!

There was a little bit of paint bleeding in some spots, but over all, it’s very minor. We did have to go out and get the red (the one color not in our house, surprisingly, since my husband LOVES red). Let me just say, the red is what made the wall so stunning! The colors were nice together before, but the red was absolutely necessary for the look I was going for. It gives the wall a bit more of a pop.

  1. 1: Behr’s Wasabi

  2. 2: Behr’s Surfboard Yellow

  3. 3: Valspar’s Green Goddess

  4. 4: Behr’s Thundercloud

  5. 5: Behr’s Toucan

  6. 6: Valspar’s Classic Red

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