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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

What would I do without pinterest?

Well, I don’t think that I would have maybe 60% of the ideas I currently have. Where would I get recipes inspiration from so that I eventually create my own? Well…I do still love cookbooks. The one closest to my heart is the Naparima Girls Cookbook since both my parents are from Trinidad. I do have a bit of island flavor in all that I do. My husband swears I could start a blog just on my grandmothers crazy (but true) sayings!

So why blog?

  1. Because I have other ideas than the ones I see/pin on pinterest

  2. Because I have pretty funny life stories

  3. Because I know a lot of things I want to share with the world!

So here I am. Writing. Because, I mean, I might as well put my creative writing degree minor to use, right? I currently teach 7th grade, so that handles my degree major (Biological sciences, pre-rehab) from Clemson University #GoTigers!

So for starters, there is an actual phenomenon known as the Bridget Jones Effect that states how writing, specifically jotting down your negative emotions, can help with anxiety and stress. Therapy, as we all hopefully know as well, is such a powerfully underutilized tool as well. So I figure, I may not have such negative, stressful emotions anymore, but there are probably others out there that do. So why not try to help them? I dunno, maybe it’s just the teacher in me. So,

  1. For the college student, in honor of my niece, who is a little lost and might need guidance cooking, budgeting, or creating their own space.

  2. For the mom who is pregnant and just needs to know that someone else went through (or is going through) something similar.

  3. For the breastfeeding mama who is all about home remedies to increase her milk supply, #MooMooMama.

  4. For the wife who is unsure of what it means to be married to a military man

  5. For the traveler who has questions about traveling abroad to a new place.

  6. For the DIY soul who wants to do things like add outlets to a room or spray paint a patio set.

Just know, I am here for you!

#writer #momblog #teaching #zerotohero #mama

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