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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Let’s take a little trip back to October 2015 when my now husband and I traveled to Canada for his birthday. We were staying at the Marriott Toronto on points because we traveled for work and had a lot to spare. I don’t know how my husband found it, but there was a nearby restaurant that we went to for dinner.

It was amazing. Their charity bread is a Focaccia just drenched in deliciously decadent garlic butter and AND proceeds of the appetizer go to charity (hence the name). It was just so soft and gooey and we ate it up QUICKLY. And my husband is not a carb person.

So I had pizza, I think he did too. And as memory goes, it is completely unreliable, but what we remembered were positive memories. So fast forward to this past summer (2019) when we went back to Toronto. I was off for the summer and I have family up there, but our main priority was Scaddabush.

I’ll admit, I was nervous. What if we go, this time with our son and my mother, and it is not just everything that we remembered before? What if the restaurant, seeing as how it was a different location, wasn’t as good. What if it was a complete waste of our time??

Needless to say, they did not disappoint. Except this time, towards the arrival of our food, we had a cranky, tired baby on our hands and I was tired. I just wanted to take my food to go. My husband had a pasta dish, LEMON GARLIC SHRIMP SPAGHETTI, I got tried-and-true AMERICANO pizza, and my mom got the TOMATO CAPER SALMON.

The pasta was so amazing that it struck up my desire to remake that dish. It was cooked so it was tenderly, but had a firm bite to it. It was the way pasta is made in your dreams. I like to eat, but the flavor was not too bold and the texture was amazing. It made me completely regret ever having store bought pasta and ordering my pizza, though the pizza was also everything. The Americano, and yes, I felt like a basic American ordering it, is basically just pepperoni pizza. But it has Scaddabush spice and wild oregano which is what made it so deliciously memorable? I don’t know. Scaddabush is just our little slice of heaven. (Yes, I had to make the pun).

Later, I tried to make chocolate ravioli because their pasta was so amazing (more on that later). But Scaddabush will forever have a GIANT piece of my heart. So much that I even tried to price how much it would cost my cousin to overnight some food to us ($163, if you’re curious). I have left feedback hoping that maybe it would prompt Scaddabush corporate to build a new location in Atlanta. I have even researched if its possible to start a franchise of my own in Atlanta (though, you’re not supposed to get high on your own supply, haha).

So if you happen to be in Canada in the Toronto/Mississauga area (or any of their other 7 locations, 9 in total), STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO EAT THERE. And if you want to bring me something, ANYTHING, back from there for referring you, it’d be highly appreciated!

*This post is not sponsored or affiliated with Scaddabush, but if they wanted to pay me in free (delivered) meals, I would happily accept!

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