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Weaning Day 1: Ah Poop.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Whew! After a whole hour of hearing the little one cry, my heart just couldn’t take it anymore. Here are some fun facts about my son:

  1. He is 1 year, 10 weeks, and four days old (or almost 15 months, thank you FeedBaby app for keeping track of the little details)

  2. He does not sleep through the night. He wakes at least once and if he’s lucky, I’ll fall asleep in the bed nursing him and then he’ll sleep with us until about 5:00 or 6:00am when I get too uncomfortable and put him back in his crib (sometimes requiring another feeding session of 5 or so minutes)

  3. In case you missed it above, we are still nursing. He gets bottles of breast milk and almond milk (mixed) during the day but from about 7:00pm-7:00am, it’s just me nursing. And he will only nurse to sleep if I’m putting him down (see #5).

  4. He slept in our room, in his crib, until tonight. And now there’s like this gaping hole in our heart room from where his crib was 😭

  5. And he is stuuuuborn. I get it from my mom and he gets it from me. So he refuses to take a bottle from me, even if it’s all breast milk. Chocolate milk, water, whatever. If it’s in a bottle, he won’t take it from me (anymore. There was a stretch of time where I would nurse and then give him an ounce or two in a bottle).

  6. BONUS! He has to nurse to sleep and no longer takes pacifiers. (That was so 10 months ago).

Large space where the crib was and now leaves the room feeling off balanced, uncentered, and kind of empty (walls are Behr’s Thundercloud, btw which I loveeee)

So that’s that. I’m one sleep deprived mama and I just want to get him to sleep through the night on a regular basis so I can get some rest. We moved his crib into his room, monitor is set up, I nursed him and put him down and then not even three hours later he’s back up.

Husband tried to pat him back. (Which was so ridiculously adorable.) I tried. Then I tried to let him cry it out. No dice. I probably could’ve left him for longer, but I couldn’t go to sleep with the monitor on mute. So we waited. And waited. And waited. Then I decided I’ll try again with the bottle.

As I entered his room it hit me. He pooped. He’d been up so long and crying that he pooped and needed to be changed. And once he was out of the crib, there was no entertaining a bottle. No rocking back to sleep, he wanted to nurse.

Fun fact: he knows sign language for milk so he will force himself into a cradling position in my lap and then put his little hand in my face and sign milk. How can you deny that??

So here we are, 1:28am, nursing for what has already been 15 minutes. When I try to unlatch him, his fresh self moves my hand and tries to keep it away by holding it or putting his feet up. Heaven help me!

Breastfeeding log from my FeedBaby app that I swear by!

Update: at 01:37, baby boy finally went back down after waking at around midnight. SIGH.

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